Tuesday, April 14, 2009

04.14.09 Update

A quick post to mention that I've done a bit of tidying up and all the active links now should point to actual downloads. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, please continue to report dead links to me and I will fix them. I probably will be uploading some earlier shows too as I start to ramp things up a couple of notches.

All the best,

DJ Fizz


cyanide69 said...

Thanx 4 fixin up the links as I'm now playing catchup on the excellent podcasts and reliving moments from 25 - 30 years back.

m71 said...

Hey Fizz, this is Mark bka m71 from Dallas. I was putzing around on the WWW and I found your blog! I used to listen to your show on GFR regularly but haven't caught it in a long while. I'll have to catch you at the next record show in Austin. keep doin' your thing.....