Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Podcast only......

There has been question of what this means and I think it's right to expand on this, I done it in Q&A, or FAQ style, this might help, if there are any more questions then feel free to either email me or post a comment response, I will keep it pertaining to the podcast rather than divulge other specifics, I can elaborate on those in a private manner if those who want to know, and who know me, want to contact me.

I'll start out with David Farrell's initial question posted recently and carry on from there, I'll try to keep the responses as brief as possible.. anyone who knows me will know that I tend to waffle on... :)

  1. Hey, so how does your statement of "Electro Funkology will be a podcast only show" affect your appearances on Global Funk Radio, or does it?
    Unfortunately, due to irrevocable management differences I've had to cease my affiliation with globalfunkradio.com and new episodes of my show will no longer be carried by them.

  2. So, how does that affect Electro Funkology?
    Well, in reality it doesn't affect Electro Funkology hardly at all, the show will still be recorded live in the same format, the only difference is that I won't be connecting to globalfunkradio.com's server when recording the show. Nothing else changes, in fact it should give me more freedom to keep it going weekly due to the fact that I won't have to skip shows if something comes up on a Saturday afternoon, which is something that is happening more frequently now that I have my son to think about. The only other last thing is that I need to make new jingles..

  3. But what about the audience aspect?
    This is a tricky question, but is probably best approached by first saying that the amount of people tuning in via the podcast for the last, er, 12 months since launching it have quite substantially eclipsed that of those who tuned in live to the show on the station, so in effect, y'all are my audience. Netradio is fickle and over the last while it's become increasingly apparant that we're entering an on-demand paradigm when it comes to content and other media buzzwords..., in other words people are opting to pick up their entertainment, whatever format, in their time and are less inclined to hang around and catch something live if they don't have to, this is especially true of online content, unless promoted in a much more focused manner.

  4. OK, but what about those who tuned in live?
    It is that which I most regret about the decision to leave as this is where the effect would be most felt, I can only thank everyone who tuned in regularly or irregularly to the show and/or turned up in the chat room, I've certainly had some great times and I hope they have too. Maybe in the future....

  5. Is that it for Electro Funkology and radio then?
    Absolutely not, Electro Funkology always was it's own independent entity, and a new home on another station, exclusive or syndicated, could very well be a possibility, there are many avenues open and that's been the most daunting part in a way. For now it will continue as a podcast and I think it could quite happily carry on being such but I'm always open to offers, if anyone has any proposals to put forward I would be happy to consider them. Email me or message on myspace
I'll add any more questions as they are asked which are not answered here.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

A new phase....

Sorry for the silence over the last couple of weeks, things have been going on in the background that has affected my ability to do last week's show, electro funkology is a free show for everyone to download but obviously Daddy has to put food on the table so there are times when work has to take priority, the last two weeks have been such a time, probably the worst time to happen being that I've tried twice, unsuccessfully, to host an anniversary show. I think the time for that has passed now unfortunately...

So next week will be returning to normal, no big hoo-har, but we have a winner of the competition whom I will announce, apologies to all entrants who've been waiting to hear if they won or not, but I will tell you the prize that will sent out, and that is:

Sealed copies of;
Roxanne Shante - I'm Fly Shante
Almighty El-Cee - We Have Risen/School's Out
Man Parrish - Hey There Homeboys
Donald Dee Bowden - At The Party

and a new copy of the recently released
Omega II/Debonaire & Exzakt - Sonic Boom (original) / Ignition (Remixes)

Not a bad prize I'm sure you will all agree and definitely worth entering the competition for. :) Maybe the sound of people kicking themselves for not entering might be heard too. ;) Well, don't forget there will always be next year and quite possibly a couple of competitions in the future also!

The last bit of news I have is that Electro Funkology will be a podcast only show from now on. Till next time, put the boogie in ya body :)