Thursday, February 22, 2007

Many apologies for the delay in getting you this show, I won't bore with details but suffice to say work had to take precendence. It's an exceptional circumstance and normal service will be resumed this week, but it had to be done, I hope y'all understand. On a more positive note, the first part of TG1980's interview with Grandmaster Melle Mel will be premiering 28th of this month, unmissable! Check Global Funk Radio for times and other great shows. Peace, DJ Fizz.
02.10.07 Electro Funkology



Friday, February 09, 2007

GFR presents the Captain Rock interview courtesy of TG1980 - Old School Radio Hour which is featured on Global Funk Radio every Wednesday 8pm EST and rebroadcast every Thursday 10pm GMT. I had a blast listening to this when it aired and thank TG1980 for bringing yet another great interview with a legend of true skool hip hop. I'm putting this out on my podcast as a taster for y'all, we're getting ready to add the TG1980 - Old School Radio Hour to our podcast ranks and will be launching at an unspecified, but not too distant date in the future, it will be it's own podcast that will require its own subscription, it will be free like Electro Funkology, done for the love of the music and for those who have a love of the music. You don't want to miss this! Peace and God Bless, DJ Fizz

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