Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Back in business..

I've gone through and fixed all the posts and due to the way that they appear I've had to go back to square one and republish each one in order, oldest to newest. I didn't consider the fact that it's entirely possible that i-tunes or whatever may see all these as brand new episodes and try to download them, I hope not and am extremely sorry if this has been the case and has caused problems for you, please email me at electrofunkologyATyahooDOTcom if you have any problems.
Electro Funkology blog is down for maintenance and will be back up as soon as everything has been fixed, turns out the migration to Blogger v-1.0 or whatever hasn't been as successful as it could have been in my case.. I'm having to go back and fix each blog entry individually, gee, thanks Google! Oh well, turns out that my original way of posting wasn't that efficient anyway so maybe it's been a blessing in disguise as I've found a much quicker way to go about this. Sorry for the inconvenience and any confusion. I'm on the case and I'll be back ASAP. BTW; don't worry about feedburner looking like it's going back in time with dates, that's just me working my way backwards.. Fun! :)
03.03.07 Electro Funkology