Friday, January 19, 2007

No Podcast or playlist this week as I'm not offering last week's show for download, I experimented with a webcam which was a partial success, the stream held fine with no buffering so for the live listeners everything sounded as it should, but I didn't take into account the HD usage that my webcam uses for its preview and stuff, this manifested itself in the audio recording that I took, in the way of some skips due to the machine not being able to write the data to the soundfile quick enough. Overall, it's not too bad, but enough that I think I'll hold off on it unless requested. Shame, as it was a pretty clean show barring that IMHO.

Sorry if anyone's disappointed, back to full strength this week coming up I reckon. I'm not going to abandon the webcam idea, just tweak it around a little, I have a second drive in here which I might assign for recording, see if that helps.

Peace, Unity, Love & Old Skool!

DJ Fizz