Wednesday, August 29, 2007

DJ Fizz checking in, one two..

I should have posted in advance but sometimes I leave it till the last minute just in case I can get a show done, but work has been, well, work, which has stopped me from being able to do last week's show, but everything should be back to normal this week coming up. Looking back I can see that 07 has been the least consistent year so far, which is something I want to rectify, what with the upheaval of being a (newish) dad, and other things, it's been challenging is all I'll say! But never fear, things are progressing and plans are afoot. ;)

The best way to keep up to date is to subscribe of course, this helps by letting you know when the next show is available rather than you checking in, there are many programs that cater for podcasting, a good site is or alternatively you can use Apple's i-Tunes, for Mac & PC which is definitely worth a look, that mainly goes to PC users as Mac users get it installed with the OS. A good place to start to subscribe is, you can choose your options from there.

I just want to put a shout out to a few people, John @, the Radio Crew @, the Electrolab Crew, Cozmo D, all the podcast carriers who help get the show out to people, especially, also big up my man lb_ip, TG1980 & jimmysmithson.

I might have some exciting news regarding AD2007 for all the UK and non-travel-shy European heads for next week from the main man Speedyjay, so don't forget to subscribe to Electro Funkology! :)

Oh, and lastly, I have played other people's mixes on my show from time to time, it's not something I feature too regularly, but if you have done a mix that fits the electro funkology format, shoot me an email at, and while we're on the subject of email, I will be migrating to a new email address, something like djfizz(AT) once I get that all configured correctly, just a heads up.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Post Vacation Blues....

Sorry for the silence, things a bit hectic since I got back from vacation, catching up with stuff and such, I think driving 3,500 miles caught up with me once I got back! I've pulled something in my chest which is quite painful too so I'm waiting to feel a bit better before the next show, although I'm thinking I should have one for Monday, being that I found a bunch of cool records while in San Francisco...

Apologies to all.


DJ Fizz